Lane Community College

Wednesdays at 4 p.m. in the OSPIRG office. The OSPIRG Office is located in the basement of the Center Building. Our room number is CEN 021. 

Elizabeth Ponce-Del Valle, Chapter Chair
Tabatha Delorme, Board Member
Katherine Chiddix, Board Member

Campus Organizer:

Hannah Picknell,

We are LCC students' public interest group.

OSPIRG is a statewide, non-partisan, student-directed and funded organization that works on issues like environmental protection, affordable education, and fighting poverty. We train students in grassroots and political organizing skills so they can run campaigns that make a huge impact.

We give students skills to make a difference and get their voice heard both here on campus, and also in Salem and Washington DC where political decisions are made. We’ve been able to do this because LCC students vote every three years to fund an OSPIRG chapter. Because of this support, we get real results. For example, we recently helped cut over $179 million in health care waste in Oregon by pushing back when health insurance companies tried to raise premiums. And in Eugene, we helped educate 2,000 K-12 kids about sustainability. 

We offer volunteer and leadership opportunities to make a difference on all these issues. Volunteers can make a huge difference on our campaigns and learn skills in grassroots organizing, media outreach, lobbying and advocacy, and event planning. Get involved today!

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Fall 2015 Campaigns:

Protect Crater Lake:

Our lead campaign this term is to protect Crater Lake. Oregonians love Crater Lake, but year after year logging companies push to clear-cut old-growth forest right outside the boundaries of Crater Lake National Park. This threatens the wildlife, waterways, and ecosystem within the park. So this fall we’re working on a campaign to permanently protect 500,000 acres of wilderness around Crater Lake National Park.  

Democracy/Get Big $ Out of Politics:

We're working to reclaim our democracy through fairer elections. Elections are supposed to be one person – one vote. Unfortunately, mega-donors and corporations are drowning out the voices of ordinary voters like you and me. As a result, instead of listening to their constituents on issues like the environment or public health, politicians favor the donors who funded their campaigns. So we're fighting to empower the voices of regular Americans by campaigning for a system that matches small contributions to candidates who don’t take money from large or corporate donors. We’re already seeing this system work in places like New York City, and we could definitely do this here in Oregon!


Everyone knows global warming is a huge problem- but we can’t wait to take action! We have the potential to get way more energy in Oregon from solar. And not only is solar power cheap and renewable, but it creates jobs, improves air quality, and reduces the impact of global warming. We are working to get the city of Eugene to start leading the way and make an immediate impact with strong solar policies.

Hunger and Homelessness:

Oregon has the highest rate of child hunger, at about 30%. We think that we can make a direct impact on this issue by partnering with local food banks to make sure our neighbors have access to good and healthy food. So, we’ll be working with groups like Food for Lane County to raise money and run food drives so that we can feed our neighbors.