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Chapter Chair: Hannah Picknell, 

Campus Organizer: Danielle Jordan,


OSPIRG is a statewide student-directed and student-funded non-profit that works on issues that effect all Oregonians. OSPIRG has been on the campus of the University of Oregon since 1971 when students worked together to bring about a new way of addressing important political issues. The organization was influenced by the idea that there are more probems than we should tolerate and more solutions than we implement.


OSPIRG is effective because we teach students the skills they need to get their voices heard on campus and in Salem and Washington D.C.  Join us to gain skills and learn more about organizing models, lobbying, and media relations. 


Fall 2014 Campaigns

Protect Our Rivers:

Oregon's rivers are part of what makes it such a great place to live. Unfortunately, over half of our state's streams are currently unprotected under the Clean Water Act. This leaves them open to pollution. We will be working to close those loopholes by collecting hundreds of public comments to send to the EPA this fall. 

GMO Labeling:

We have the right to know what's in our food. Help us gather support to get corporate companies and local grocers to label GMO's so that we can make conscious decisions about the food that we eat. 

Zero Waste Corps: 

Educating our community on the importance of reduce, reuse, and recycle. Instead of focusing on waste management, we should be working to avoid it altogether. Help us work towards a zero waste campus so that we can preserve Oregon's natural beauty. 

Reclaim Democracy:

Our voices are often drowned out by the overflow of big money in politics. Our current campaign finance system causes the priorities of corporations and big donors to take presidence over our own. Help us amplify the power of small donors by joining our Reclaim Democracy campaign. 

New Voters Project:

The New Voters Project is a nonpartisan initiative to register thousands of young voters before the November midterm election. This term we will register thousands of new voters and increase the voices of young voters nationwide. 



 The best way to get involved with one of our campaigns is by becoming an OSPIRG intern! You can apply here.

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